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PoundLLC - Command Prompt / Terminal

#Pound Communications Support Area

How to open a Command Prompt or Terminal

Windows 8

Method One:
In the Metro UI, start typing cmd
W8 will automatically go into search mode.
To the left in "APPS", click on cmd

Method Two:
Press the "Windows" key and then "R" key. (WIN+R)
This will bring up the "Run" window.
Type in the "Open" field cmd Click the OK button.

Windows 7 & Vista

Method One:
Click the Windows button / All Programs / Accessories
Click on Command Prompt.

Method Two:
Click the Windows button.
Type in either Command Prompt or cmd
Click on the either Command Prompt or cmd.exe

Windows XP

Method One:
Click on Start / Programs / Accessories
Click on Command Prompt

Method Two:
Click on Start / Run...
In the Open field type in cmd
Click the OK button.


Click on Applications / Utilities
Click on the Terminal icon.


Press the ALT+F2 keys.
In the field, type in either gnome-terminal or xterm.
Click the Run or OK button.