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Internet Setup for Mac OSX

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To find out what version of Mac your running. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner and then click on About This Mac. From there a small window will pop-up displaying your version.

Click on the Apple menu
Click on System Preferences...
Click on the Network icon.

   On the Main Screen

Location: Automatic

Configure: Internal Modem ( If you have an internal modem )

   Under the TCP/IP tab:

Configure: Using PPP

Domain Name Servers and

Search Domains Leave Blank

   Under the PPP tab:

Service Provider: glis.net

Telephone Number: Type in the phone number for your area in the blank field.
To locate a access number click here. Access Numbers

Account Name: Type in your username for glisnet.

Password: Type in your password.

Remember! Username and Password are case-sensitive.

Check Save password

Click the PPP Options... button. Screen shot shown below

   Under the Modem tab:

Modem: Select your modem.

Sound: Select either On or Off.

Dialing: Select either Tone or Pulse, the correct option your phone using.
Check Wait for dial tone before dialing.

Your Done!
Click the Save button.

By clicking on any Internet program will bring up the connection screen.
Just click the Connect button.