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WebMail File Sharing

The webmail interface comes with a file sharing feature that allows you to upload a large file to your email account. You'll be provided with a link to email out the people. When the link is clicked, it'll allow them to download your file.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on using the file sharing.

First thing to do is log into your webmail account.

Click on the File Sharing folder tab located along the top.
Click on the "Manage folders" icon.

Type in a name you'd like for your folder. example: uploads.
Create as a subfolder of: / ( also known as "root" )
Click the Create button.

You'll see your new folder in the blue column on the left-side, under the "root" folder.
Click the Upload file link in the blue column.

Click the "Browse" button.

Navigate to the area where the file is you want to upload.
When you've found it, select it and click the Open button.

In the Select folder: area, drop the list down and select the folder you created earlier.
Click the Go button.

When the upload is complete, you'll be at this screen.
Place a check mark next to the file you uploaded and click the Share button.

When it's successfully shared, you'll see in the share column the
icon change from this to this

Click on the Shared icon.

After clicking the "Shared" icon, an link or URL will appear. Click on the pencil icon.

The link will be highlighted. In your browser window, click on Edit / Copy -or- CTRL+C.

Click the Mail folder tab along the top.
Click the Compose mail link in the blue column.
Place your cursor in the message body and paste the URL. Edit / Paste -or- CTRL+V

Pretty much this is what the recipient will receive. When they click the link, their browser will open and a download window ( see below ) will appear.