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Internet Setup for Windows 7

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Click on the Windows icon located in the lower-lefthand-corner

Click on Control Panel.

Click on Network and Internet.

Click on Network and Sharing Center.

Click on Set up a new connection or network.

Select Set up a dial-up connection.

Click the Next button.

This window may popup if you don't have a modem installed.

If it does, click on Set up a connection anyway.
Just remember, you will not be able to connect until you get a modem.

If this window doesn't popup, then continue on to Step 6

Dial-up phone number: Type in the number that was given to you.
Visit our Access Number page to locate a number near you.

User name: Type in your username.

Password: Type in your password.

Place a check next to Remember this password

Connection name: Type in glisnet

Click the Create button.

Click the Close button.

When you click on your internet browser like, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome,
a Dial-up Connection window will popup. Click the Connect button.