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Mozilla Firefox

Quick Fixes and How-To's

Setting Your Homepage

  1. First, navigate to the website that you want to use as your homepage.
  2. Then in Firefox, click on Tools / Options...
  3. Click the General icon on the left.
  4. Click the Use Current Pages button.
  5. Click the OK button.

Fast Access for Deleting Cookies

Press and hold down the CTRL + SHIFT keys and
tap the Delete or Del key.

A Clear Recent History window will appear.
Place a check mark next to the items you want to delete.
Press the Clear Now button.

Adding a Bookmark

Click on the star . The star will turn yellow and the bookmark will be added to a folder called Unsorted Bookmarks. To change the name of the bookmark or the change the folder it's in, click on the now yellow star again. A menu will drop down, from there make your changes and click the Done button.

A quicker way is to press CTRL+D. This will drop the menu down. Make the changes you want and click the Done button.

Trouble Shooting - Fix your Firefox browser problems

Nothing here yet, but you can check out the links in the "External Links" section below to resolve any issues with Mozilla Firefox.

External Links - Information and software downloads

Firefox Browser
FIrefox Extensions / Addons
Firefox Support Center