#Pound Communications Support Area

- Support Area Under Construction -

Steps before calling Tech Support:

  1. Write down any error messages that pop-up.
  2. Shutdown the computer for 20 or 30 seconds and then restart it
  3. Visit any section in the menu that may have the solution to your problem.
  4. E-mail our Tech Support or call us at 1-888-445-4763.

General Information - BlueWaterArea, BWAI, C3Net, GLISnet, In-Gen, HarsensIsland, LocalOnline, QCI

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

GLISnet Mail Server:
  Incoming: mail.mailconfig.net - Port: 110 (POP3) - IMAP: 143 (IMAP)
  Outgoing: mail.mailconfig.net - Port: 587 (authenticating)

NOTE: You must authenticate on port 587 with your full email address (username@glis.net) when accessing your email.

Tech Support & Billing: 1-888-445-4763

Home Page: http://www.glis.net

Web-Mail: https://mail.mailconfig.net

Access Numbers: Click for Access Number list.

Contact E-mail Addresses:

DSL HighSpeed Settings:
  VPI: 0
  VCI: 35
  Protocol: PPPoE
  Username: Your primary glisnet email address
  Password: Password for your primary glisnet email address
  Connection Type: Always On (Recommended)