#Pound Communications Support Area

- Support Area Under Construction -

Steps before calling Tech Support:

  1. Write down any error messages that pop-up.
  2. Shutdown the computer for 20 or 30 seconds and then restart it
  3. Visit any section in the menu that may have the solution to your problem.
  4. E-mail our Tech Support or call us at 1-800-385-9000.

General Information - AreNet, Benzie, BigNet, BigNetNorth, BlazeConnect, CAC, FirstStep, GateCom, Mich.com, Perceptionet

Mail Server Information:

  Incoming: mail.mailconfig.net - Port: 110 (POP3) -or- 143 (IMAP)
  Outgoing: mail.mailconfig.net - Port: 587 (authenticating)

iPhone shouldn't need to be told which ports to use, just make sure your username is the same as your email address in settings.

All modern devices should be set to IMAP. Call for details.

NOTE: You must ase authentication on port SMTP 587 with your full email address
(e.g., username@firststep.net) when setting your SMTP server settings.

Tech Support & Billing: 1-800-385-9000

Home Page:
http://www.arenet.net - http://www.benzie.com - http://www.bignet.net - http://www.bignetnorth.net - http://www.blazeconnect.net - http://www.cac.net - http://www.firststep.net - http://www.gatecom.com - http://www.mich.com - http://www.perceptionet.com

http://pop3.arenet.net - http://pop3.benzie.com - http://pop3.bignet.net - http://pop3.bignetnorth.net - http://pop3.blazeconnect.net - http://pop3.cac.net - http://pop3.firststep.net - http://pop3.gatecom.com - http://pop3.mich.com - http://pop3.perceptionet.com

Access Numbers: Click for Access Number list.

Contact E-mail Addresses:

DSL HighSpeed Settings:
  VPI: 0
  VCI: 35
  Protocol: PPPoE
  Username: Your primary email address (e.g., username@firststep.net)
  Password: Password for your primary email address
  Connection Type: Always On (Recommended)